This isn’t
endometriosis pain…

  • The first in a new class of treatment for endometriosis in Europe

  • A GnRH antagonist combined with add-back therapy in a single, once-daily pill1

  • Delivers pain relief for the majority of
    women with endometriosis2

  • Balances efficacy and safety1,2

  • Significant and sustained improvements in endometriosis pain and reduced impact of pain on daily life1,2

  • Comparable safety profile to placebo
    and BMD preserved1,2

  • Reduces use of analgesics, including opioids, with the majority of patients analgesic-free1,2

  • Provides adequate contraception after one month,1 with a mean time to ovulation of 23.5 days after cessation of treatment2

…this is pain I get to choose.